Portrait Commission
Portrait Commission
Portrait Commission
Portrait Commission
Portrait Commission
Portrait Commission
Josh Moir

Portrait Commission

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Elevate your memories with a bespoke portrait commission! Capture your story in breathtaking detail with a timeless and personal keepsake. Transform your cherished memories into something that will last for generations! ūüé®

Portrait Commissions

People commission artists for portraits for an infinite number of different reasons. For some, it's to remember a cherished loved one and for others it's to celebrate a lifetime achievement or special event. 

I love hearing the stories my customers bring to me, and I'm passionate and excited about sharing in those stories and making sure that my customers get a piece of work which is a timeless and personal keepsake to help keep their story alive and share it with others. 

I offer a range of different varieties of portraits for commission, and although each is a bespoke and personal piece of work, there are different things you can expect from me regardless of what tier you select. 

Each Commission, regardless of variation includes:  

  • We'll have a conversation about the subject of the portrait and the no-doubt fascinating story that's led to your commission. We'll also talk about what you're hoping to get from the process, and we'll talk about if you have any special requests (style, colours etc)¬†which I will do my best to accommodate
  • I'll provide at least 2 update images, normally 1 of the completed sketch and another of the portrait as we move into the final stages to make sure you're happy with the work as it is progressing. If you're happy for me to keep in touch more, you can let me know and I can provide more regular updates.

Each Variation is fulfilled in a slightly different way, but commissions are always completed using the best quality materials which, if cared for properly, will last for generations. 

Digital Portraits  
Painted digitally using Adobe Photoshop, you will be provided with a High Quality, Print Ready File, a smaller file suitable for use on Social Media, and also the original Photoshop file. Prints are available on request and prices are variable and will be charged in addition to portrait fees.

Watercolour Portraits
A Watercolour Painting of your subject on Archival Quality Watercolour Paper, using High Quality Watercolour Pigments. You will receive the original painting. 

Traditional Charcoal/Pastel Portraits
A traditional Charcoal/Pastel drawing of your subject on Archival Quality Pastel/Charcoal paper. You will receive the original drawing.

Traditional Pencil Portraits
A traditional pencil drawing of your subject on archival quality drawing paper. You will receive the original drawing.


Portrait commissions are booked on a deposit basis, so the price you pay is a deposit for your commission slot, and to allow me to purchase any materials which I might need to get started on your commission. Most commissions finalise with the full amount payable being in line with double the deposit, but please be aware that any large scale amendments or changes to your commission might incur extra costs. 

Any additional costs will be discussed with full transparency so that you know exactly what the final cost of your commission will be in advance of delivery of the final product. 

Your deposit is only refundable up until work commences on your portrait, after work has commenced your deposit is then non-refundable. 

Example Pricing Schedule

Please note these prices are examples for portraits including one subject and are subject to change.

 Commission Type Deposit Cost Cost on Completion Total Cost
Digital Portrait £40.00 £40.00 £80.00
Watercolour Portrait £80.00 £80.00 £160.00

Pastel/Charcoal Portrait

£40.00 £40.00 £80.00
Pencil Portrait £30.00 £30.00 £60.00